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Jeff Strong Focuses Your Brain with REI Drumming

In this video, I play REI drumming rhythms that you can use to focus your brain. Play this video quietly in the background as you work on a task that requires intense focus.

Listen to more focusing music for free here:
Learn more about REI here:
Learn to play the drum for healing here:

Soundtrack for Academic Success Webinar Video Available Now

Soundtrack for Academic Success webinarIf you missed the WebTeach webinar or if you want to see it again, you can access the recording here:

Soundtrack for Academic Success Video

This webinar covers:

* What is calming music

* The difference between psychological and physiological calm

* Calming effect of Brain Shift Radio

* What is focusing music

* The truth about the Mozart Effect

* BSR music vs stimulant medications

* Testing your attention with Brain Shift Radio

* How to use Brain Shift Radio for calm and focus

The webinar is a little less than an hour long.

Whether you are at your desk or at your wit’s end, Brain Shift Radio can improve your focus and reduce your stress and this webinar will help you get the most out of BSR.