New Ambient Tracks Added

I’m excited to add some new ambient tracks to Brain Shift Radio.

These twelve ambient tracks feature layered pads and drones with an active element such as bass tones, bells, and bowl strikes using arpeggiated, syncopated or random rhythms.

You can find them in the Recent Tracks list in the Manual Select menu. They are also automatically included in Auto Mix selections.

I hope you enjoy them.

If you do, please rate them. Rating tracks help you keep track of which ones you like (and which ones you don’t). Higher rated tracks also show up more often in your Auto Select mixes, while lower rated tracks appear less frequently (or not at all if you give a track 1 star).

Free Trial Extended to 30 Days!

We want you hooked on Brain Shift Radio, so we’re now offering 30 days free access to all the cool effects of the BSR brain stimulation tracks and mixes!

Register today and get your 30 day free access.

And for those of you whose free trial has long since come and gone, well, we have grandfathered you in for another month of free BSR use.

Go ahead. Play with BSR for a full 30 days. You may find that we are an indispensable aid for your ability to focus, fall asleep fast, reduce your anxiety, or enhance your cognitive abilities.