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Brain Shift Radio Launches Affiliate Program

Since Brain Shift Radio went live last summer we’ve had a lot of requests to offer an affiliate program. Initially resistant, we decided it would be a good idea.

Rather than use some off-the-shelf affiliate software or program provider, we built our own. We created it in a way to give you more control and transparency than you might get somewhere else. We also set our commission level higher than you’ll find in a lot of the cooler services out there.

So, whether you want to build a huge affiliate income or simply want to share BSR with friends to pay for your subscription, check it out:

The Brain Shift Radio Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is simple. Here are the details:

Earn 20% from both annual and recurring memberships.

No cost quick and simple account set-up.

Easy online and offline marketing of Brain Shift Radio.

Powerful affiliate software gives you control over your affiliate account.

Comprehensive reporting to track your links and their performance.

Click here to set up your Brain Shift Radio Affiliate account.