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Soundtrack for Academic Success Webinar Video Available Now

Soundtrack for Academic Success webinarIf you missed the WebTeach webinar or if you want to see it again, you can access the recording here:

Soundtrack for Academic Success Video

This webinar covers:

* What is calming music

* The difference between psychological and physiological calm

* Calming effect of Brain Shift Radio

* What is focusing music

* The truth about the Mozart Effect

* BSR music vs stimulant medications

* Testing your attention with Brain Shift Radio

* How to use Brain Shift Radio for calm and focus

The webinar is a little less than an hour long.

Whether you are at your desk or at your wit’s end, Brain Shift Radio can improve your focus and reduce your stress and this webinar will help you get the most out of BSR.

Your Soundtrack for Academic Success: Join me for a Brain Shift Radio WebTeachinar

You have heard me say it many times; but on Tuesday, I will reaffirm that musical rhythm has the ability to drive the brain. It can alter consciousness and stimulate neurological activity. It can calm the mind and change behavior.

Join me at my webinar,  “A Soundtrack for Academic Success: Improving Focus and Reducing Stress”, hosted by™, a leader in virtual collaborative initiatives. This online, full HD presentation will be held Tuesday, February 25th from 12:00-1:00 p.m. EST.

In this one-hour event, I’ll be showing you how to use Brain Shift Radio to improve focus and reduce stress. There is no cost to attend the online session and participants need only a web-enabled device to join.

The event is powered and by Carleen Tillman, District Sales Manager of, will serve as moderator for the event.

I’ll cover quite a few topics, including:

  • Describing the difference between psychological and physiological calm.
  • Exploring research on musical rhythm’s ability to calm and focus the brain.
  • Identifying how auditory rhythmic stimulation reduces anxiety and improves focus.
  • Understanding the practical application of rhythm to improve focus and reduce anxiety for students’ independent study and classroom success.

By attending, you will receive a complimentary 30-day trial subscription to Brain Shift Radio and one lucky participant will win a 12-month subscription. I hope you join me.

To register, please click here.   To learn more about’s virtual classroom solutions, please click here.

As you know, Brain Shift Radio is based on nearly three decades of research conducted on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI) and its core musical elements.

The Strong Institute was founded in 1994 and is a pioneer in the field of custom auditory brain stimulation. Known primarily for our work with individuals on the autism spectrum, we also have a major impact in ADHD, Anxiety disorders and Sleep Disorders, among others. The Strong Institute’s mission is to utilize technology and data to research, develop, and deliver the best possible auditory brain stimulation programs for individuals with neurological disorders. And for those without. Brain Shift Radio is a current manifestation of this mission.

The WebTeach Live Speaker Series is part of’s ongoing initiative to provide interactive, tech-centric learning opportunities for education and professional development managers. The platform can accept up to 1,200 registrants for this special event and will be recorded.