BSR User Tips

Setting Up Your Member Profile

If you intend to share mixes with the Brain Shift Radio community, it’s helpful to set up a public profile. A public profile includes a username and an avatar. Your personal information remains private.

Here’s how you set up your public profile:

1. Click the Profile Tab.

2. Click the Screen Identity Tab.

3. Type in a screen name in the Screen Name Field.

4. Click the Browse button to upload a photo for your avatar. A browser window will open to allow you to choose a file on your computer.

5. Or choose one of the stock Brain Sift Radio avatars by clicking on the Browse Brain Shift Avatars button. You can select from a few BSR images.

6. Click the Update button to save your settings. Now all of your member mixes will show your new screen identity. You can change your identity anytime and all your mixes will update automatically.

Adding More Than an Hour of Music at a Time

When you let us choose tracks, we load three pairs at a time. This is an hour of music. When we built the system, we figured that you’d want to let us know how you’re doing¬†after your initial hour before we add more tracks to your queue.

We have heard from a lot of members who would actually like to have a longer, uninterrupted playtime. So if you are among the many who are happily focusing on your work and do not wish to pause to tell us how you’re doing, there is an easy solution for your woes. We are indeed working on building this into the main question loader, but in the meantime here are two ways you can queue up as many mixes as you want.

Loading more tracks from Auto Mode:

1. Answer the questions to load your first three system mixes. The first track pair will begin playing (you can see which track pair is currently playing in the Timeline because it’s white as seen below on the left).

2. Click on the “Choose Tracks For Me” button to re-open to question dialog box.

3. Answer the 2 questions again (you don’t have to answer them the same way). Three more tracks will load. The first pair of this group will begin playing. Don’t worry about this until you have all tracks that you want loaded.

4. Perform steps 2 and 3 for each additional hour you want to queue up. Three more pairs will appear in the Timeline each time you answer the questions. The first pair of the three will begin playing. Again, there is no need to do anything about this until you have all the track pairs you want loaded in the Timeline.

5. When you have your total tracks loaded, click the skip forward button three times to return to the first track pair the system loaded for you.

Loading more tracks from Manual Mode:

1. Click on the Mix Browser Tab.

2. Sort the Community Mixes by clicking the icon for the category you want. The tracks within that category are now sorted.

3. Click on the mixes in the listing. Each track pair will load in the Timeline and the first pair will begin playing automatically. There is no limit to the number you can add.

Remember: Each track pair in the Timeline represents 20 minutes. If you want 4 hours of material you need to load 12 mixes.