Monthly Archives: October 2016

Join BSR creative director Jeff Strong in his new course: Drumming the Chakras: A deep-dive into the spiritual side of drumming

We’re excited to announce that BSR co-founder and creative director Jeff Strong has a new drumming course: Drumming the Chakras.

Drumming the Chakras explores the spiritual side of drumming using the chakra energy system as a point of reference. This 5-week, 10-module course is a deep-dive into rhythms and techniques that stimulate, open, and balance the chakra system and auric field. This course is also a deep-dive into how to use drumming to access your spiritual power.

Jeff also provides a ton of meditations and exercises to help you discover the nuances of how your chakras are running and how to optimize them for your personal growth.

Learn more here:

Jeff Strong Plays a Mindfulness Meditation for Active Minds and ADD Brains

In this video BSR music creator Jeff Strong plays randomly variable rhythms in 5 at four-beats-per-second to entrain active minds and ADD brains to a deep meditative state.

Learn to play the for healing in a free video workshop series: