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Video: Jeff Strong Explores Alpha Tempo Drumming Rhythms for Calm and Focus

In this video, BSR co-founder and creative director Jeff Strong describes what tempo and types of rhythms are needed to entrain the brain to the alpha state of conscious for calming or focusing. He also plays his trusty gonga drum to demonstrate how three different alpha tempos feel.

Drumming at alpha tempos can be achieved with the following metronome settings (when you play 4 drum beats for each click of the metronome):

8 beats per second = 120 beats per minute

9 beats per second = 135 beats per minute

10 beats per second = 150 beats per minute

11 beats per second = 165 beats per minute

12 beats per second = 180 beats per minute

As with theta tempo drumming rhythms, the faster you play the more variable (unpredictable) the rhythmic patterns need to be.

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Exploring Theta Tempo Drumming for Meditation, Intuition, Creativity, and Problem-solving

Traditional drum healing techniques all use tempos within the theta range. This video explores the nuances of the various tempos and describes ho to approach entraining with drumming rhythms and compares this to how REI entrains to the alpha state.

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