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BSR Founder Jeff Strong’s Different Drummer Book Now Available

Different Drummer Book coverI’m excited to announce that my latest book, Different Drummer is out. This book has been a long time coming. Here is a description from the back cover:

Percussionist and researcher Jeff Strong embarks on a three-decade journey into the power of musical rhythm. Different Drummer chronicles his path as he navigates ancient drumming practices, conducts clinical research, and develops the music that establishes him as a pioneer in the world of auditory brain stimulation.

Beginning with his own struggles with ADHD, Jeff abandons a successful music career and doggedly searches for ways to use musical rhythm to positively impact brain function and behavior. Jeff meticulously documents the development of his therapy and it’s supporting technology as he drums for people with a variety of challenges including:

• Aggressive behavior
• Anxiety
• Attention/focus/hyperactivity
• Behavioral issues
• Cognitive issues
• Language/communication
• Mood issues
• Self-stimulatory behaviors
• Sensory processing
• Sleep problems
• Social interaction
• Tic behavior

Jeff’s inquisitive mind and careful research reveal how fast, complex drumming can offer long-term benefits for children and adults with neurological disorders. If you have ever wondered why the drum holds a prominent role in cultures around the world or why music can influence the brain and behavior, Different Drummer offers a compelling look at the life-changing and therapeutic tool of music.


Jeff Strong is the creator of Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention™ (REI) and the Director of the Strong Institute, a research center and provider of custom auditory stimulation programs for individuals with neurological disorders. He is also the co-founder of Brain Shift Radio, a streaming music site containing personalized music to enhance brain function.

I offer a few excerpts from the book on this blog to give you a taste of it. These excerpts are listed to the right.

You can visit the Different Drummer book page here

You can order the book here