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Drumming to Reduce Sound Sensitivities: An excerpt from my upcoming book, Different Drummer

As you may know, Brain Shift Radio was developed out of my experiences playing for people with a variety of challenges including sensory processing issues.

I’ve been documenting 30+ years of experiences in a memoir, Different Drummer. This book follows my journey exploring how listening to complex drumming rhythms can have a therapeutic impact.
As part of my process, I’ve also been posting excerpts on my blog site, You can read my latest excerpt examining drumming to reduce sound sensitivities.

“Brandon can hear the Fed Ex truck coming from miles away,” his mother, Jenny, told me. “He has super hearing. On the flip side, he is easily overstimulated by the noise. It’s good that we live in the country, otherwise he’d probably be screaming all the time. Is this something you can help with?”

“A lot of my clients have sound sensitivities. So, I think I can help,” I said. Brandon’s sound sensitivities remind me of Steven, a child from my study at a public elementary school. Theresa, one of the teachers helping with the study, had warned me that if I played my drum in the small room where I had successfully played for every other kid, Steven would run out of the room screaming. He didn’t. In fact, he was less bothered by sounds after listening to a recording of me playing for two months. So I was confident that I could help Brandon. This is why I was willing to drive forty miles to his home in a tiny town on the St. Croix River in Wisconsin.

I arrived and Brandon was standing on the porch, dancing excitedly on his toes. 

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New Ambient Tracks Added

I’m excited to add some new ambient tracks to Brain Shift Radio.

These twelve ambient tracks feature layered pads and drones with an active element such as bass tones, bells, and bowl strikes using arpeggiated, syncopated or random rhythms.

You can find them in the Recent Tracks list in the Manual Select menu. They are also automatically included in Auto Mix selections.

I hope you enjoy them.

If you do, please rate them. Rating tracks help you keep track of which ones you like (and which ones you don’t). Higher rated tracks also show up more often in your Auto Select mixes, while lower rated tracks appear less frequently (or not at all if you give a track 1 star).