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Brain Shift Radio V.2 Web Player Now Live!

Brain Shift Radio V.2 PlayerSince we launched our BSR Mobile Beta Player last year, we have been working on a more feature-rich mobile player. At the same time we’ve been creating a new web player. The reasons were four-fold:

1. We wanted essentially one player for both mobile and web. We came close. We are still working on an app for Apple iOS devices (in the meantime please use our existing mobile player), but we have an Android app in Beta. Amazon will soon have a Kindle app available. Google play will follow shortly thereafter.

Note: Android devices need to use the app in order to play both the rhythm and ambient tracks.

2. We wanted to get away from Flash technology. Our original web player relied on Flash and was somewhat heavy on resources. Getting away from Flash and moving to HTML5 protocols, among other things, allowed us to lighten the load.

3. We wanted to update the interface. We felt that the original player interface was a bit cluttered and could be cleaned up. This new player is cleaner and more intuitive.

4. We wanted to integrate all your great ideas. We have received tons of requests for various new functions or enhanced work-flows since we first went live in 2012. This new player integrates a lot of your suggestions.

We are really excited about this new player, not just because it looks cool, but because the new code base allows us to offer you a better BSR experience.

We know this is a huge change from our existing player, so we’re not going to make you switch cold-turkey. We will keep the V.1 player functional for as long as its technology holds (we won’t be updating it, though). When you login we’ll direct you to your player of choice.

We know this interface is a major shift in appearance and workflow and getting to know a new interface can be uncomfortable. Even though we feel the interface is pretty intuitive, I will be posting some articles and videos showing how to get the most out of it over the next few weeks.

As a start, here is a legend on the new BSR player window. As you can see, you can do a lot.

Get to know the V.2 Brain Shift Radio Player