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BSR Attention Test – Numeric Test Shows Nice Numbers

We started our long term attention test research in September and I posted an update a few weeks later on the results of our Symbols test. Read the post here

Now that it’s been over 3 months I thought I’d post another update. This time exploring what we’ve seen with our second test type, the Numeric test. This test is a little more difficult than the Symbols test in that you respond to a series of six numbers instead of colors.

Following are the results:


Detection errors (Detect): The silence (control) condition error rate was 12.42. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of 8.69. This is a 3.73 or 30.0% reduction of errors.

Commission errors (Comm): The silence (control) condition error rate was .73. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of .39. This is a .34 or 46.5% reduction of errors.

Omission errors: The silence (control) condition error rate was 11.58. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an error rate of 7.67. This is a 3.91 or 33.7% reduction of errors.

Fastest click: For the silence (control) condition the fastest click speed was 383 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 355 ms (milliseconds). This is a 28 ms or 7.3% slower click-time.

Slowest click: For the silence (control) condition the slowest click speed was 968 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 932 ms. This is a 36ms or 3.7% faster click-time.

Average click: Of the three click speeds the average offers us the best data. For the silence (control) condition the average click speed was 608 ms. The BSR music (stimulated) condition showed an average click speed of 579 ms. This is a 31 ms or 5.1% faster click-time.


We saw reductions in all three error rates – detection, commission and omission – with the BSR music (stimulated) condition compared to the silence (control) condition. The average error-rate reduction was 36.73% with improvements falling fairly consistently across the three error types. Like with our previous test, these are significant numbers and suggests that listening to Brain Shift Radio when you need to focus may help you sustain your attention.

Interestingly, the improvement with the Numeric test is greater than what we saw in the first three weeks of our Symbols test. This could be the result of:

• The larger sample size.
• The result of the particular group of people taking the test.
• The music that was chosen for them – we choose a more stimulating level of focusing music for people who perceive their focusing abilities as being good to great to begin with
• The variation we may come to expect in a given sample.

Though there really isn’t enough data to tell us what this means, we’ll be keeping an eye on this as we get more data.

Speaking of more data, we need you to take the test, even if you have before (if you are logged in when you take the test we can show you how you improve over time and we can also keep track of which tests represent new versus retuning users).

So if you haven’t yet taken the test yet (or taken it recently), please do so today.

Not only will you help us learn more about the impact of BSR on focusing ability, you’ll also be able to see for yourself if Brain Shift Radio’s music can help you focus better.

Take the test here

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