Monthly Archives: June 2013

Brain Shift Radio Mobile Beta Underway

I am excited to announce that our private beta period for Brain Shift Radio Mobile is currently underway.

Our BSR Mobile beta process started with a browser-based player utilizing the Auto-Select function. Users simply choose a category and intensity level goal and we make music just for them. As users rate the tracks, we learn their preferences and make choices that fit better for their brain.

Over the next week we’ll be working out any issues that users help us discover with the Auto-Select player and then switch to a downloadable App. This App will be available for both Android and Apple iOS devices. We may also have a Windows App at the same time.

Public Beta will open beginning next week to gather more user data and stress-test the system. At that time we’ll begin adding features such as community and saved mixes to further test the stability of our mobile player.

Email us for your chance to begin using Brain Shift Radio on your mobile device. We are adding more private beta users daily.

Mobile App Update: Private Beta Starts Next Week

As you may know, we’ve been hard at work on the mobile app for Brain Shift Radio for the last six months and have been getting close to putting the beta versions up for a while. In fact, a few weeks ago I announced that we’d be launched by now.

But as things often happen with software development, we hit a few snags that slowed us down. Given this, I feel an update is in order.

We are close. Really close.

Select private beta starts Monday, June 17th. We’ll slowly (or quickly, depending on how smoothly everything goes) open the beta to more users shortly thereafter. If you have contacted us about being part of the beta, you are already in the first group. We’ll send you an email when we’re live.

If you haven’t yet asked to be on the beta list contact us before Monday and we’ll add you to the private beta. We are limiting the first group in case we run into any huge problems that would crash the system (highly doubtful, but we tend to be conservative), so you may end up being part of the next group(s) even if you contact us before Monday’s deadline. Either way, we’ll let you know via email when your beta period begins.

Public beta will open when we’ve received sufficient positive feedback from the private beta users and have addressed any issues that have popped up in the process. If our past beta experiences are any indication, this process should move pretty quickly.

We’ll have an app for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows all available at launch.

Part of what has slowed us down is developing with multiple platforms in mind as each operating system, well, operates differently and getting BSR built so the radio works on all of them without us having to write and maintain separate code bases has been a challenge.

The main sticking point we’ve run into has to do with being able to deliver two separate music streams like we do on the web app. It seems that none of the mobile operating systems want to let us do this. They only allow for one media player to function at a time (we think we found a work-around for Apple, but not one yet for Android). This has made it impossible to offer Brain Shift Radios’ swap and highly responsive mix-ratio functions (we’ll offer a limited balance function and add more granulation as we can).

Don’t worry, though, we aren’t giving up on offering these functions in the future, we just need to get something out now because of the huge number of people who are asking for mobile access.

This means for the first iteration of the mobile app we’ll be focusing on maximizing the Auto-select and saved mix functions. So, unless you are one of the 1% of BSR power-users who create and share mixes, you won’t notice any difference in how BSR works. In fact, we are improving the auto-select algorithm to ensure more variety and refined mix selections so you’ll actually get better mixes than ever, especially if you rate tracks and mixes and give feedback by answering the “how are you doing” questions that pop up every once in a while.

For you power-users: You’ll stil be able to create, save, and share mixes on the web and they’ll show up in your mobile app. So, don’t throw away your computer yet. We need you to stay engaged and keep sharing your brilliant mixes with the rest of the BSR community.

We are excited to soon have a mobile player for you to enjoy Brain Shift Radio on the go. Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you want to be added to the private beta groups.