Monthly Archives: May 2013

Brain Shift Radio Affiliate Ads Now Online

It’s taken us a little while, but now you can share Brain Shift Radio using a variety of banner and sidebar ads.

Log in or create an affiliate account to download the ads here.

In case you are not already a BSR affiliate, our program is simple.

Here are the details:

• Earn 20% from both annual and recurring memberships.

• No cost quick and simple account set-up.

• Easy online and offline marketing of Brain Shift Radio.

• Powerful affiliate software gives you control over your affiliate account.

• Comprehensive reporting to track your links and their performance.

Click here to login or set up your Brain Shift Radio Affiliate account.

Cool New Ambient Tracks Added – Total now over 150,000 combos!

I just created 25 new ambient tracks. These cover most categories and all of them are awesome-sounding. Check them out in the Track Browser. They are also automatically included in Auto Mode selections.

With the addition of these new tracks, we now have over 150,000 therapeutic combinations on Brain Shift Radio! This is a milestone that we beat by almost two months.

Next, the mobile player – expect that next week.

I hope you enjoy these new tracks.