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20 New Ambient Tracks Added

I just finished a variety of new ambient tracks using some new synths and composition tools. These tracks are in our most common categories.

As usual these tracks are automatically included in system-generated mixes (Auto Mode). You can also find them in the Track browser. The are the first 20 in the Track listing when you first load the radio, but you can also find them in category searches.

Brain Shift Radio Calms People With Autism

We’ve been getting a lot of emails from families who are using Brain Shift Radio to calm their loved ones with autism. You can read our page here:

I don’t usually post press releases on this blog but I know I can’t present the information any better, so here it is:

Brain Shift Radio Technology Calms Individuals with Autism

 Brain Shift Radio Brings Anxiety Reduction within Easy Reach

SANTA FE, NM, February 21, 2013 — Harnessing 20-plus years of clinical research in auditory brain stimulation, the Strong Institute has developed a customized web app that reduces anxiety for individuals with Autism.

“We are not doing anything new here.”, says Brain Shift Radio Creative Director, Jeff Strong. “For tens of thousands of years, in disparate cultures across the globe, rhythm has been used to shift consciousness and address abnormalities in cognitive function. We have taken the culture out of the mix. We have put on the lab coat and worked to understand what rhythms drive the brain toward improved performance. And is the current manifestation of our neurological work.”

The core technique used in Brain Shift Radio was developed from the Strong Institute’s research mapping how auditory brain stimulation can enhance cognitive function. Called Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention (REI), their evidence-based therapy offers improvements in anxiety, sleep, and cognition, among other areas. For nearly two decades, REI has been successfully used for longterm improvement in anxiety reduction and improved sensory processing issues.

“The technology of Brain Shift Radio is a natural extension of REI and makes our work more accessible than ever before: A parent or a therapist can reduce a child’s anxiety immediately and the cost is less than 23 cents a day. It’s a wonderful thing to make our REI technology so accessible and affordable to the public.” says Strong.

A mother new to Brain Shift Radio reported her son’s immediate response, “While I was playing the radio he laid down and closed his eyes. He didn’t fall asleep at that point but I’ve never seen anything like it. He never has been that calm in his life.”

Pioneering the contemporary use of rhythm as a therapeutic tool has been a life-long pursuit for Jeff Strong. As an adult with ADHD, he found that drumming helped him self-regulate and improve his focus. His early interest in the ethnomusicological roots of therapeutic rhythm led to clinical research and the evidence-based therapy. The Strong Institute’s current client base spans the range of neurological disorders, from Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD to PTSD and Sleep Disorders.

“The Strong Institute is known for our out-of the-box approach to neurological disorders.”, says Strong. “When, in fact, we are simply improving upon techniques that have been around an awfully long time. As well, very few therapies address anxiety reduction for individuals with Autism. Most focus on behavior modification. Because a calm nervous system is a receptive nervous system, REI is a beautiful complement to any applied behavior program.”

“Our work started with children on the Autism Spectrum. We found rhythmic combinations that caused immediate calm. The perfect mix of novelty (in the complexity of the rhythmic stimulus) and progressive stimulation made for a unique approach to so many of the challenges faced by individuals with Autism. As our data grew, so did our ability to address more complex and varied symptoms of neurological disorders.”

Pulled directly from the Strong Institute’s research and databases, Brain Shift Radio’s rhythm and ambient tracks are presented in a playful, yet prescriptive environment. Users select the areas they wish to improve (calm or sleep for instance) and the system will present a dual-stream of rhythm and ambient tracks that will accomplish that goal.

Brain Shift Radio is an innovation in technology that customizes the REI rhythms for each individual user. The material adapts to the user’s needs and offers the user great flexibility in their experience. recently wrote, “Certainly, the site’s interface and presentation are impeccable. Ambient and rhythmic tracks can be remixed and swapped to the listener’s pleasure; the community is active in building mixes; and the music streams at a high-quality, through an elegantly simple player.”

Brain Shift Radio’s twin technologies of clinically-proven therapeutic rhythms and dual-streaming tracks are timely: BSR reduces anxiety, is non-addictive, has no side effects, and does not induce habituation. And its ability to calm a child on the spectrum offers parents a cost-effective web tool to improve the quality of their children’s lives.


Brain Shift Radio supports parents’ ability to obtain calm by offering a free trial and rock bottom subscription rates. Please visit

The Strong Institute, founded in 1994, is a pioneer in the field of custom auditory brain stimulation. Known primarily for their work with individuals on the Autism spectrum, the Institute also has a major impact in ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and Sleep Disorders, among others. The Strong Institute’s mission is to utilize technology and data to research, develop, and deliver the best possible auditory brain stimulation programs for individuals with neurological disorders. And for those without. Brain Shift Radio is a current manifestation of this mission.