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New Article About Brain Shift Radio in the UTSA Paper, The Paisano

Here is a nice article about Brain Shift Radio and its growing use at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Interestingly, I spoke at a couple of ISMM (International Society for Music in Medicine) Symposiums at this campus in the 1990’s (1994 and 1996). They had a great music and the brain research program at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center.

One study in particular, conducted by Lawrence Parsons (now a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield in the UK) looked at the components of music and their effects on spatial reasoning as a follow-up to the controversial UC Irvine study suggesting that listening to Mozart increased intelligence (dubbed the Mozart Effect).

Parson’s study showed that the component of music seemingly responsible for this jump in spacial reasoning was rhythm. Melody and tone showed no impact on spatial skills.

This correlated with our own discoveries on the power of rhythm over brain activity and form part of the basis and foundation for the music we have on Brain Shift Radio.

Anyway, here is the article from the University of Texas paper:

The Paisano: UTSA paper ( 01/29/13

Mind Control or Music Terapy: Students try alternatives to prescription drugs

Taking performance-enhancing drugs can come at a high price. Prescription medication can cause side effects. These include increased heart rates, insomnia and marked irritability.

In the wake of the increasing demand for energy and mental clarity among college students, an innovative and cutting edge method of therapy has been developed free of any side effects.

Brain Shift Radio, an Internet site that allows users to manipulate different beats according to their desired mental state, has increased in popularity as a way to increase mental performance.

Read the entire article here

Even More Low Pitched Gonga Rhythms Added

These new tracks, 20 of them, are the last in the group I’ve been working on these last two months. The lower pitch and different speeds offer some interesting subtleties and are great for more sensitive people.

As always, these tracks will automatically appear in Auto Mode mixes (when you let us choose). You can also fund them in the Track Browser, in the most recent listing or in each category.

I hope you enjoy them.

Next up: more cool ambient tracks. Expect some next week.