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Free Trial Extended to 30 Days!

We want you hooked on Brain Shift Radio, so we’re now offering 30 days free access to all the cool effects of the BSR brain stimulation tracks and mixes!

Register today and get your 30 day free access.

And for those of you whose free trial has long since come and gone, well, we have grandfathered you in for another month of free BSR use.

Go ahead. Play with BSR for a full 30 days. You may find that we are an indispensable aid for your ability to focus, fall asleep fast, reduce your anxiety, or enhance your cognitive abilities.

PSFK: BSR is “Best study aid around”.

PSFK says Brain Shift Radio is"Best study aid around"PSFK reviewed and tweeted Brain Shift Radio. Here’s what they had to say:

Brain Shift Radio (BSR) is designed to stimulate your brain to help improve focus, fall asleep, or reduce anxiety. The interactive internet radio features rhythm and ambient tracks that adjust the mix between the psychological and physiological aspects of music to ‘shift’ your brain to different moods.

Created by the Strong Institute, BSR is based on nearly three decades of research conducted on Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention and its core musical elements. The new innovation in music streaming and auditory brain stimulation gives you control over your experience. You can tell BSR how you would like your brain to ‘shift’ and let it choose the best tracks for your goal, or manually select your own.

As you rate and save your mixes, it learns your preferences and can make better choices for you. You can also share your tracks with the community and explore other member’s mixes.