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BSR User Tip: Switching out a Rhythm or Ambient Track in a Mix

The Brain Shift Radio Player offers you a lot of control over the stimulation you receive. I’ll be posting tips and tricks in this blog (category: BSR User Tips) from time to time. Here is the first one:

You can switch out a rhythm or ambient track in a mix that is loaded (or even playing) in the Playlist.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with a track pair in the Playlist

2. Click the icon for one of the tracks (it doesn’t matter which icon)

The Gear icon will turn black

3. Click on the track you want to insert from the Track Browser

The new track will replace the current one

If the track pair you are switching into is currently playing, the new pair will auto-start from the beginning

If the track pair is not the pair playing, the tracks that are playing will continue until the end or until you click the Forward button.

So, if you choose a track pair (or we choose one for you) and you like one of the tracks but not the other, you can switch out either one easily. Be sure to rate the tracks you like or dislike so you can remember next time you choose tracks.

Remember: You can always change your rating later if you choose.



Try these starter mixes

We’re finding that a lot of people are skipping the Auto Mode questions and jumping right into looking for mixes. To make this easier, I selected some mixes to help newbies get the feel for BSR.

You’ll notice that all of these are mixed heavy on the ambient. I did this because many new listeners play the rhythms too loud and some get over-stimulated. So, start with these and adjust the mix (and overall volume) to taste.

You may also want to read my new article on setting optimal volume levels here: BSR and Volume

Following is a list of starter mixes. You can find them in the Community Mixes listed by name. You can narrow the search by sorting by category.

Category: Brain Boost
Name: Big Brain Boost Mix
Description: Very stimulating multiple instrument mix.
I grabbed this one from Beth:
Category: Brain Boost
Name: Engage Your Brain
Description: Big sound, deep ambient. A fun brain boost mix that is both playful and thoughtful.
Category: Calm
Name: Basic Starter Calm
Description: This is a good place to start calming. The ambient is mixed heavy. Adjust it to taste.
Category: Calm
Name: Calm for Anxiety
Description: This one is great for reducing anxiety. Just be sure to keep the volume low.
Category: Energy
Name: Metal grunge
Description: Nice energy mix. Multiple percussion.
Category: Energy
Name: Revitalizing Single Drum
Description: Single Gonga drum with an ambient heavy mix. A good basic energy mix.
Category: Focus
Name: Basic Focus
Description: A great starter focusing track. Remember to keep the volume low.
Category: Focus
Name: Super Focus
Description: Very fast single drum with a harmonically complex ambient. Be very careful with the volume.
Category: Meditation
Name: Haunting Dholak Meditation
Description: Excellent deep meditation track. Keep the volume low.
Category: Meditation
Name: Cool Journey Mix
Description: Tar and Gamelon with a nice groove. Can be enjoyed at a higher volume.
Category: Sleep
Name: My Favorite Sleep Track
Description: This one puts me to sleep without fail. The ambient is hypnotic enough to push the rhythms into the background.
Category: Sleep
Name: Nice Nap Mix
Description: I find this mellow track exceptional at helping me take a short nap. Keep the volume low.
  Category: Uplift
Name: Basic Uplift Mix
Description: Medium tempo, multiple drum track with a heavy ambient mix.
Category: Uplift
Name: Hypnotically Uplifting
Description: Let this one grow on you. It’s hypnotically calming and uplifting at the same time. Use any volume you like.