Monthly Archives: May 2012

Beta update

We began our private beta a few weeks ago and I am thrilled to report: So far so good. We are working on one display issue with community mixes which should be fixed shortly. Other than that, there are no real issues to fix.

We have made a few minor changes to certain user functions that have made them easier to navigate. We have had a few good questions from users, which I want to address in this post.

Here goes:

Q.  How long are the tracks? I don’t see a time counter or progress bar for the tracks and want to know how much longer it will play.

A. The quick and easy answer is: Relax. Sit back and enjoy your brain shift. Don’t worry about the time of the track. If it’s working and you are finding yourself accomplishing your brain shift goal, you can go about doing whatever it is you want to do. If it’s not working for you (which it obviously isn’t if you’re worried about how long it is :-) ), then let it play through to the end (meaning, don’t sabotage the entrainment process) or chose a different track or intensity level until you do find success.  If you have a habit of worrying about such things and this consistently impedes your ability to stick with it, I highly recommend choosing the highest intensity level titled “help!” from the calm category, which you can access in the Choose Tracks for Me mode.

In a little less snarky way, I should say that each track is optimized to be as long as it takes the average person to shift to the state you’ve selected. If you’re looking for numbers, most tracks are about twenty minutes long (research has shown that it takes anywhere from 12 to 17 minutes for most people’s brains to shift – ie: entrain to the new brain wave state presented by the rhythms). Hopefully, as the track plays, your attention is on something else and you won’t know or care about how long it plays.

Q. There is so much here, I’m having a hard time creating mixes that I want to save.

A. No worries. Stay in Choose Tracks for Me mode for a while and let us choose the tracks for you. When the polls pop up (they appear after 3 tracks), put in your feedback (or simply rate each track as you listen). We’ll learn your preferences and get better at finding the perfect mix for you. Also, when we choose a mix you like, go ahead and save it so you can access it again (if you wait for the system to choose that exact combination again you could be waiting a long, long time).

We designed the radio to shift your brain with as little effort on your part as possible. But if you feel compelled to take control, we have given you the keys so you can drive your brain anywhere you want to go without us getting in your way. This is what the manual (or choose your own) mode is for.

Keep in mind, though, that because you can choose any rhythm track to go with any ambient track, you can easily get lost in all the options. So, I highly  recommend that you stick with the same category for the rhythm and ambient until you get a feel for how your brain shifts. Then you can start crossing categories to fine-tune your experience.

And remember to rate the tracks and save the mixes you like. You can always edit or delete these mixes if you decide later you don’t like them or if you find something better. This will provide a springboard for your future listening sessions.

Q. Is this site for people with specific neurological issues, like the Strong Institute’s Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention CDs and programs, or can anyone use it?

A. Brain Shift Radio is for anyone who wants to take control of their brain. The level of stimulation ranges from very mild to intense and can accommodate everyone’s brain type. And because you choose your goals and we adjust the simulation according to your feedback we can provide even subtle changes in your brain shift.

Disclaimer: Brain Shift Radio is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental disorder. It is also not a substitute for a qualified doctor’s or mental health profession’s care.

How Cool is This?

Cool is in the eye of the beholder – or is it? Brain Shift Radio allows you to choose how you’d like your brain to shift, mix in an ambient of your choice, name it, and share it with the world. Your brain shift. Your mix. Your community. Cool indeed.

Or just relax and let us do the heavy lifting. Tell us what you need and we will stream for an hour before we ask you how you are doing. One hour of uninterrupted music that will shift your brain. And the tracks are custom built just for you.

Go ahead, be lazy. It’s still cool.