The release of Apple iOS 14 introduced an intermittent music stalling issue for a small portion of iPhone and iPad users. We haven’t been able to find the reason that most iOS 14 mobile users have no problems with the music stalling while others do, but with the release of 14.8.1 we have discovered that the main problem seems to be with caching/buffering of the music files. Brain Shift Radio delivers two synchronized music streams to give you control over the rhythm/ambient mix. With slow buffering, the music files are unable to load fast enough to keep up with the music stream and will stop when it reaches its limit.

Music stalling with iOS 14 on Apple mobile devices is a known issue, not just for Bran Shift Radio, but also for other music streaming services including Apple Music and Spotify. Apple Music and Spotify both offer multiple steps for trying to fix the issue including:

  1. Clearing browser history and website data
  2. Testing your internet speed
  3. Choosing a different Wifi network
  4. Switching to cellular (or from cellular to wifi)
  5. Disabling low power mode
  6. Turning off low data mode
  7. Restarting your device
  8. Uninstalling and reinstalling the App
  9. Resetting your device

Though, we’ve found that steps 1-7 can be useful for any music or video streaming service stalls (8 and 9 are essentially useless for Brain Shift Radio), we recommend you begin by updating to iOS 14.8.1 (or later) as this step alone fixes the issue for most users.

For the few iOS 14.8.1 iPhone and iPad users who still experience music drop-outs or stalls please make sure low power (step 5) and low data (step 6) modes are turned off. Then click the play/pause button in the player twice to prompt the music to begin playing again. If the music continues stalling, you may click the play/pause button once, wait for a short while for the music to buffer, then click play once again. If you see this behavior regularly, we recommend using a non-mobile device.


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