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“Certainly, the site’s interface and presentation are impeccable. Ambient and rhythmic tracks can be mixed to the listener’s pleasure and the music streams at a high-quality, through an elegantly simple player.”

It's Your Brain. Take Control of It.

We all use music in prescriptive ways. Brain Shift Radio pushes the rhythm even further: We are researched, proven, and can cater to your needs at any given moment.

So, do you wish to focus? Or do you want to sleep? How about a little calm?

Choose your immediate goal: Brain Shift Radio will deliver.

Brain Shift Radio is the first and only personalized, streaming auditory brain stimulation site. We mix the rhythmic and ambient components of brainwave entrainment, auditory driving, and rhythmic entrainment to impact your brain in very specific ways.

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"...THANK YOU for the Brain Shift Radio. It’s absolutely FABULOUS. I listen to your music while I’m working on the computer. It is helping me remain calm, focused, and creative. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! "  

Shirley L.



“Wow!  I’m logged in. This is awesome! Just the feature of mixing tracks is awesome in itself.  That almost makes it seems like a synth, or a cool app where you actually manipulate the song. It totally works. I’m excited to create some new ‘focus’ tracks to use while I work.” 

Mark H.

Software Engineer


While I was playing [Brain Shift Radio] my son laid down and closed his eyes... I've never seen anything like it. He never has been this calm in his life."

Julia E
Mother of son with autism

“In short: you’re distracted. So you’ll head here, select “I’d like to focus” from their preset playlists, along with your desired intensity level: “laser-like.” Twenty minutes of rapid-fire drums and medieval alpha strings later, and you’ve just cleared your to-do list.”

Brain Shift Radio Customizes Your Calm

Everyone's stress and anxiety are different. Some people just need a way to slow down to relieve the stress of the day while others might experience a deeper-seated anxiety. BSR's music-selection algorithms coupled with our extensive research means that you get the right level of anxiety or stress-reducing music for your needs.

Simply select the Calm category upon logging into Brain Shift Radio and choose the intensity level for your stress-reducing needs. We'll choose the music for you. Then as you give us feedback about your experiences with our choices, we'll refine the mixes to offer better results over time.

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We've Focused on Calm for Over 26 Years 

Since our first clinical study in 1994, we have focused on how to reduce anxiety and induce calm. For our first ten years our research focused extensively on children and adults on the autism spectrum. This population proved to be an excellent anxiety-based arena for two reasons:

1. People with autism often have a lot of anxiety. And anxiety can rule much of their behavior. A child may tantrum when asked to enter a noisy, stimulating environment like a restaurant or shopping mall (or school lunchroom) or an adult may react aggressively when sharing mealtime with others.

Observing anxiety in people with autism is easy and noticing changes, however small, becomes simple. The cessation of crying in a tantrumming child or halting of aggressive behavior in an over-stimulated adult is an obvious measure of a reduction in anxiety.

2. Because autism is characterized by an inability to socially engage in an appropriate manner or an inability to communicate wants or needs, many people with autism have little to no awareness that some music (or other intervention) is going to be calming. And if they have such awareness, many have no idea how to self-regulate to calm on command.

This effectively removes the placebo effect. And because we are not using self-observed changes in anxiety, but instead use behavioral measures, we further remove any effects of the participants' expectation from the studies. Either a tantrum stopped or it didn't.

Our First Study Showed Significant Anxiety Reduction

Our first study was conducted in a public school setting with children between 6 and 12 years old. In this study, we tracked immediate anxiety-reducing effects as well as long-term changes in anxiety levels. In other words, we wanted to see if listening to REI Rhythms would reduce anxiety as it happened (ending a tantrum, for example) and whether any residual calming effect would result in changes in overall behavior.

Immediate calming effects were significant. Nearly all the participants were calmed most of the time.

The average frequency of time calmed by the recordings was 86.4%.

As far as overall changes in anxiety levels, we also saw significant changes as an average based on the pre and post tests. In the pre-test, average anxiety was listed at 82 on a 100 point scale. Anxiety on average after the study was reduced to 38 on a 100 point scale. This represents a significant reduction in anxiety over this 8-week period when the REI Rhythms were played quietly in the background.

Subsequent Studies Support These Results

Follow-up studies with autism as well as other conditions such as Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, and Sleep Disorders, showed similar reductions in anxiety while listening to REI music.

For example, a study conducted in a residential facility for adults with severe autism showed significant changes in anxiety levels both facility-wide and in indivdual behavior.

One resident was extremely aggressive before the study began, often injuring other residents or the staff. Before the study, incidents were reported several times per week. Within two weeks of beginning using the REI recording, his aggressive outbursts virtually stopped. And they remained rare for the entire study period and extended follow-up of 6 months.

In another recent study, children within a public school showed significant reduction in anxiety-based behaviors while listening to REI rhythms. This study followed 10 students and showed reductions in behaviors in the following areas:

  • Generalized anxiety
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Agressive behaviors
  • Self-stimulatory behaviors
  • Sound sensitivity

As the study states: Anxiety reduction can take many forms, especially with the large variation of symptomatic behaviors and characteristics present in children on the autism spectrum.

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"Thank you for the awesome radio! Been listening to focus music all day today!"

Sanda P.

ADD Coach


“Love the Brain Shift Radio!!! It’s absolutely wonderful. Sucks the anxiety right out of you!!!”

Allie S.

Music Therapist


“After just one week listening to Brain Shift Radio, I’m sleeping like a rock -- and I do have sleep issues!”

Lisa M.

Occupational Therapist

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