More E-Grooves Added: Here are some mixes using them.

We’re making some headway on creating more E-Groove rhythm tracks. I’m happy with most of these tracks and some I think are even stellar. Check out the list below for my favorite E-Groove mixes.

I should note that because they are programmed beat box rhythms they are not as variable and simulating as the traditional rhythms, so I recommend mixing these up with traditional rhythms in your playlist.

For the record, I’m also working on rhythm tracks employing contemporary drums – ie: drumset patterns – that are played live like I do with the traditional rhythms. These have the variability we’re used to along with the orchestration regular music listeners have become accustomed to – albeit with a very unusual rhythms. These remind me of the progressive jazz rhythms I learned while studying with Ralph Humphrey at the Musician’s Institute.

Anyway, try out these new electronica mixes by logging in and selecting them from the Recent items under Community Mixes in the Mix Browser.



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