Brain Shift Radio User Study – BSR in clinical practice

We built brain shift radio to give you control over your brain. Because BSR was created out of our clinical work at the Strong Institute, some of our first and most active members are our Authorized REI Providers. This morning I talked with one of our providers who has integrated Brain Shift Radio into her clinical practice. Lisa, an occupational therapist, works with children with a variety of issues, including autism, add, and sensory processing disorders. A self-described techno-phobe, Lisa was initially a little hesitant to use Brain Shift Radio, concerned that it would be too complicated for her.

I talked with her after she had been using the radio for 2 months; she described that she has been happy to answer the brain shift questions and simply let it play. Each time a client enters her office, she answers the questions with that client’s needs in mind. Most of the time she chooses the focus and brain boost categories, and sometimes it’s the calm category. She also uses BSR to do paperwork and describes that she’s able to get it done much faster.

Each time you answer the Brain Shift questions, three track pairs are loaded. This totals one hour of listening time. For Lisa and her clients this is often sufficient, but sometimes she answers the follow up question to keep the radio playing. She described that the results she’s getting from Brain Shift Radio are superior to our generalized CDs (Calming Rhythms, Focusing Rhythms, and Sleep Rhythms).

In the two months since Lisa began using Brian Shift Radio, she has not played a member mix or created one of her own. She says she is happy to let the system choose the tracks for her. She has also not bothered to adjust the default mix ratio because she is happy with the effects she is seeing.

She says that someday she’ll play around with making mixes and tweaking the balance, but for now she is content letting Brain Shift Radio do the work for her.

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